Going back to school means being excited about 1 of 3 things: new clothes, new school supplies, or new lunches. For me, it was always about the lunches... with new school supplies coming in as a close 2nd!


When I was little (and all the way through high school) my mom packed me the most elaborate lunches that went way beyond PB&J’s. She sent me to school everyday with an oversized sac filled with things like hot mac n’ cheese in a thermos, an entire pan of brownies (with utensils) to share with my friends, a king-size homemade bento box complete with chopsticks and wasabi, and even ice cream packed with dry ice (no kidding!). My lunches ruled the schoolyard and my mom was the queen of temperature control and lunch box chic. Hence…I always LOVED going back to school!

Enjoy my recipe for the ultimate back to school staple- Goldfishies gone vegan! My sweet little friend Vivenne loves them so I always make sure there’s a batch on hand when she comes over. Happy lunching!



Hold on tight Vivienne! That tongue says it all!

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