My mom is Jewish and my dad is Catholic, which means in my house, there’s a whole lot of gift-giving over the holidays! Here is my list of Chloe-approved holiday gifts that are unique, thoughtful, and fun—perfect for everyone from your boss to your best friend! Whether you’re looking to spend $6 or $60, there’s something on this list for you. Enjoy and don’t forget to pick out a couple of items for yourself!

1. Xan Confections

I've handpicked a special Chef Chloe vegan assortment of my favorite Xan chocolates for an exclusive, limited-time only gift box. The gift box includes: 6-Jewels: Butterscotch, Espresso Almond, Coconut Pecan, Chocolate Caramel, 2-Raspberry Sins and 1-Signature Brandied Cherry. These artisan chocolates are decadent, rich, and made with all natural ingredients. Pure bliss. Nothing in the world can cheer me up like a box of Xan!
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2. The best Garlic Peeler in the world!

This is the perfect stocking stuffer for someone who always needs the next best kitchen gadget! Simply put a few unpeeled garlic cloves in the cylinder and roll it with the palm of your hand. Viola! Perfectly peeled cloves tumble out. Inexpensive and it works!
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3. Measuring Spoon Set (that actually fits inside the spice jar!)

No more spilled oregano or cinnamon on the kitchen counter. These fit beautifully into those narrow spice jars. Six-piece set includes: 1 T, 1 tsp, 3/4 tsp, 1/2 tsp, 1/4 tsp, 1/8 tsp
All stainless steel. Features English and metric measurements.
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4. Vegan Wine from The Vegan Vine

$14 and up
In most wines, animal products such as isinglass, gelatin, egg whites, and caseins, are used as processing aids in the filtration part of the winemaking process. But that’s no reason to be left out of holiday toasts and drinking cheer! Just open up a bottle of wine from The Vegan Vine, a certified sustainable family-owned winery that is completely vegan. The Vegan Vine offers a variety of whites and reds, and the bottles are gorgeous, sleek, and elegant. The wine is inexpensive in price, but passes the taste test from even the toughest wine critics. You can click here for a list of distributors that sell The Vegan Vine, but I suggest buying it directly through their online store for an easy and timely holiday delivery. Cheers!
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5. Daisy Dog Studio Porcelain

$15 and up
This is simply the most beautiful line of tableware I have ever seen and I bring it out for every occasion. Gorgeous colorful cake stands, mugs, bowls, tea sets, cookie jars, and dog bowls, with a fresh modern design that brightens up any kitchen! All pieces are handmade, high quality, and dishwasher and microwave safe. Plus, the company is named after the owner’s adopted dog Daisy, and 5% of every sale is donated to PETA! How cool is that? You will definitely be seeing some of these stunning pieces in my upcoming cookbook because I’m totally obsessed!
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6. Agloves Original iPhone Gloves

Ever get frustrated trying to use your ipod or iphone with your winter gloves on? Now you can scroll away without removing your gloves with these innovative gloves designed for use in the coldest weather. I just tried them out last week in NY and they worked like a charm!
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7. VegNews Magazine Subscription

A magazine subscription makes an awesome holiday gift- it’s personal, thoughtful, and provides a whole year’s worth of joy! VegNews is the first and only all vegan full color magazine. Get the latest in food, restaurants, health and more delivered right to your door.
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8. Adopt-a-Turkey Donation

For those who are IMPOSSIBLE to shop for, this makes the perfect gift! With $30 you can save a turkey in your friend’s name and present them with a cute certificate and photo of the turkey they have “adopted”. It’s a great cause, unique concept, and wonderful onversation-starter when opened up at a party. I still have a few of these on my fridge from last year and I’m hoping to get some more this year!
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9. Big Buddha Handbags

$38 and up
I absolutely love this all-vegan line of designer purses. They are durable and stylish. I own a Big Buddha Bag for almost every occasion- nighttime clutch, everyday purse, oversized tote etc… You can buy them at Nordstroms and Macys or online from Big Buddha, Zappos, or Nordstroms. Zappos has the biggest selection and my favorite purse is the Tuxedo Tote (pictured)!
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10. KitchenAid Ultra Power 5-Speed Hand Mixer

I’ll never forget when I received this hand mixer for Christmas. It was a special gift from my mom during my junior year of college at UC Berkeley. Let’s just say college was never the same after I was equipped with a hand mixer! Late-night cupcakes, vegan whipped cream, fresh cookies for every study session…I was baking up a storm! This hand mixer is a great investment for anyone with a passion for baking. It’s small and easy to pack in a suitcase and the motor is very quiet, which makes it is perfect for late-night baking. Mine has lasted me 5 years now, and I still think of my mom every time I use it!
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