1. Voodoo Doughnuts

If the thought of vegan doughnuts turning in a glass case makes you salivate, you must check out Voodoo Doughnuts. The fun environment and line out the door told me Voodoo was a winner before I even took my first bite. The vegan jelly doughnut rocked! Plus, their cute slogan is: "Good things come in pink boxes"


2. Blossoming Lotus

Delicious and healthful with a chic atmosphere, Blossoming Lotus was a great way to kick off my trip! The Whiskey Ginger BBQ Sandwhich and Chili were delicious.


3. Thrive

Thrive serves both raw and cooked dishes- all jam-packed with loads of flavor. I couldn't choose which beverage to get so I started with a basil/cilantro/apple green juice AND a chocolate milkshake. Both were insanely good! The miso soup came in a mug, and it was the best I've ever tried- chock-full of veggies and shiitake mushrooms!


4. Mighty-O Donuts

All vegan donut shop=heaven!!! They are generous with their free samples, but that didn't prevent me from ordering upwards of 7 donuts. The chocolate-glazed was my favorite. Very moist and just the right level of sweetness.


5. Cafe Flora

Cafe Flora is a festive restaurant with a bustling brunch crowd. I came here with my mom, and we chowed down on everything from vegan hot chocolate to vegan huevos rancheros! I hear they make a mean vegan cinnamon roll, but I was too stuffed to try it.

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