I just completed my very first book tour for my very first book, Chloe’s Kitchen! Here’s my recap…

Top 5 Best Parts about a Book Tour

1. New Clothes

Bright, solid colors work best on camera, hence the rainbow wardrobe rack!

2.  Stuffing My Face!

Come on, we all know the whole point of traveling is to eat at new vegan restaurants! I had so much fun hitting up the best vegan eats in each city, including Millennium in SF and Candle Café in NYC!

3. Meeting Amazing People

Meeting my facebook friends, twitter followers, and blog readers for the first time in person is the most thrilling experience. Every single person who came out to my book signings filled me with joy, appreciation, and inspiration!

4. Mommy Time Galore

Yes, it’s true- I took my mom to every single book signing and media event. My mom is often mistaken for my publicist or manager, but I always give it away when I call “Mommy!” across the room. Oops!

5. Scouting Celebs in the Green Room!

There’s always a celebrity or two waiting in the green room of the morning shows! This time I spotted Wilmer Valderrama and Olympic skating champ Kristi Yamaguchi- score!

Top 5 Worst Parts of a Book Tour

1. Missing The Puppies

Life just isn’t the same without daily kisses from Winnie & Buster!

2. So Tired!

There was one week where a literally averaged 2 hours of sleep a night. I felt like a zombie!

3. Getting in trouble with book stores for spending too much time with each customer

Almost every store manager at my book signings reprimanded me for spending too much time talking to each guest. I was TERRIBLE at keeping the line moving because I was so excited to chat away with each person! Oh well…

4. Criticism

My brilliant friend and author Lisa Bloom shared these wise words with me before my book tour:  “The only way to not get criticized is to not do anything.”

So true. After a TV segment, there is always going to be that one person who e-mails to say they didn’t like the way you looked or something hurtful like that. No time for negativity- onto the next segment!      

5. Wearing Make-up Every Single Day

I actually love make-up... a lot! I think it is so much fun. But every single day for 3 weeks?? Sometimes my face just needs to breathe!

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