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My mom is Jewish and my dad is Catholic, which means in my house, there’s a whole lot of gift-giving over the holidays! Here is my list of Chloe-approved holiday gifts that are unique, thoughtful, and fun—perfect for everyone from your boss to your best friend! Whether you’re looking to spend $6 or $60, there’s something on this list for you. Enjoy and don’t forget to pick out a couple of items for yourself!


Going back to school means being excited about 1 of 3 things: new clothes, new school supplies, or new lunches. For me, it was always about the lunches... with new school supplies coming in as a close 2nd!

I scream for vegan ice cream! Rev up your ice cream maker engines because the results are in from my Facebook Ice Cream Contest. I asked you to suggest your dream ice cream flavor so that I could turn it into a vegan recipe. All of your flavors sounded so ooey gooey delicious that it was nearly impossible to narrow down the list. After a weekend of making tons of batches of ice cream and taste testing spoonful after spoonful (I know, it's a hard life!), I chose my 2 favorites. I hope you enjoy these creamy creations as much as I do! And the winner is...

Red Velvet Ice Cream &
Salted Caramel Pretzel Ice Cream

2-ice-creams copy

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