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Crispy roasted Brussels sprouts finished with a sweet apple cider reduction and pinch of cinnamon. Dessert or vegetable? It’s hard to tell!

One fish, two fish! Kids LOVE these all-natural homemade goldfish crackers.

Forget all your notions of what brussel sprouts used to taste like.  These little gems are roasted at a high heat to bring out the natural sugars and caramelize the edges.

This easy spring dip is the perfect appetizer for any occasion.

This Pina Colada is totally addicting and refreshing to the max! It's also super easy to make.

Sweet, spicy, and oven-baked!

The touch of pineapple is light, refreshing, and the perfect way to make your guacamole stand out!

Blended strawberries, bananas, almond milk, agave, and flax in a smooth summer treat.

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